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When it comes to getting people to act you need more than sexist eye-candy.

People make decisions based on information that addresses their concerns and needs.(And stirs some emotions.)

That means words.

Concise, informative, punchy, convincing – words.

As many as it takes to deliver a compelling story and remove impediments to action.

Because that’s how many words a buyer needs, to get them to buy.

You can get those words from me,

Michael Woodhouse.

Words that will work in websites,
articles, whitepapers,case studies, presentations, documents and business books.

I can research from scratch, write
from your ideas, edit your writing,
blend these -and ghost.

I know business, I’ve founded, operated and mostly sold seven businesses and consulted to hundreds more.

The last 20 years I’ve provided writing services for websites, brochures, presentations and books.

So I understand. I have a track record.

Phone 0417 928 904

or email  (or the abbreviated